Mapping of BASEL III and COBIT 5 framework in Banking Sector of India: A Futuristic Approach

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Deepti Kushwaha
Ashwini Vasant Gadankush, Dr. Shanktanu Das


Banking sector has undergone many changes due to liberalization and introduction of Information technology. These technologies have delivered many benefits to the banking system such as meliorated quality of services, better customer satisfaction through various communication links like mobile banking, internet banking, ATM’s which helped banks to bring their customers close to them, it also improved the storage and retrieving facilities. But uses of these technologies are also the root cause of many risks. Therefore to manage risk and govern the Information technology we require IT Governance framework. The Indian Banking Sector also has to comply itself to the Basel Norms. According to the Basel Norms, it is mandate to maintain threshold amount of the capital to manage the risk, this implies that lessen the risk lesser would be the capital requirement. Basel II requires more capital than Basel III and is also more focused on operational risk and not capable to mitigate some risks such as third party risk, etc. Basel Committee also imposes on the bank to adopt the framework that can be used for Risk Management. For this purpose, COBIT 5 Framework can be used as a governance framework. The research paper focuses on mapping the Basel III guidelines to the COBIT 5 framework, so that the banking sector can adopt the framework.

Keywords: IT Governance, COBIT 5, BASEL III, Indian Banking Sector.


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