Sustainable E-Education Through Mobile Enabled Technology

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Mrs. Swarnangini Sinha
Ms. Megha Jain, Ms.Surbhi Birani


This paper explains the dynamics of Mobile learning and its academic implications within the education system of India. The emergence of learning technologies is progressively adopted for rapid delivery and cost-effective purposes. The focus is given on the ways in which to integrate new teaching tools into e-education to encourage mobile based education, to conquer main hurdles of money, access and isolation. In other words, technology is able to surpass the relative deprivation in the multicultural groups. Mobile learning appropriates the self-motivation and play impulse of the young learners in providing sustainable e-education to the students. This paper seeks to benefit various stakeholders in the education, telecommunication, industries in rural area and policy making sectors by providing meaningful insight into the large-scale and small challenges and proposing novel application, service and structured solutions to address the same. The main objective of this paper is to sum up the ways in which mobile-supported learning can contribute for the cause of universal education by providing quality education for children, youth and adults. The scope of this paper is restricted to the importance of mobile learning, suggestions and recommendations made for the sustainability of e-education through mobile enabled technology.

Keywords: M-learning, Information Communication Technology, Quality education.


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