Security Enhancement For Reliable Computing In Cloud

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K. Subala
Akshaya.V,Vignesh.R.C, Jhansi Lakshmi.D.V
M.Infanto hearty Shamirna


Cloud computing has become the long dreamed vision of computing as a utility in IT enterprise, where users remotely store and access data from a shared pool of configurable computing resources today. Data outsourcing relieves the burden of user from local data storage and maintenance whereas the management of the data and services on the centralized large data centres may not be full trustworthy. The privacy and security of data is at stake by the prevalence of intruders and other faults in cloud. This paper reveals the enhancement in security by introducing the intrusion detection along with increased privacy over the data. The privacy of data in cloud is preserved by enabling the public auditability and data dynamics. The performance of the proposed method is analysed using the simulator tool cloudsim.

Keywords:Cloud computing, Privacy preservation, intrusion detection, public auditing, data dynamics.


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