A Few Good Pattern to Optimize Compiler

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Subhendu Guha Roy


Optimization of code is the term that was applied to a process in which a code is tuned to be better in some respects: either speed, memory consumption, Input/output (disk read and writes or network reads and writes), etc. In Mathematics, Optimization means a process in which one finds the values with the best performance. In Computing where programs are very complex, usually optimizing for speed in the mathematical sense is impossible. Instead the term has come to mean just advancing in the direction of better performance in one or more respects. This document will focus on optimizing code to run faster. However, as you will see later, doing this may involve having to optimize the code in a different aspect. Furthermore, often when programmers are trying to optimize one aspect of a program, they are doing so in order to increase speed.

Keywords: compiler, optimization, reduce and faster code, byte code, high performance, abstract quality.


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