Mobile Telephony Over Wi-Fi Using VOIP

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Ms. Vaishali R. Mhatarmare
Prof. A. D. Raut


Voice telephony over mobile is currently supported at a cost using service provider such as GSM, or using IP service provider at cheaper
cost. The purpose of this research is to design and implement a telephony program that uses WIFI in p2p (Peer -to- Peer) or WLAN (Wireless Local
Area network) as a means of communication between mobile phones at no cost. The system will allow users to search for other individuals within
WIFI range and to establish free p2p voice connections, This system will use SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) and VOIP (Voice Over Internet
Protocol) protocols for the communication. The system will use a hashing algorithm to store the IP address of mobile.

Keywords: VoIP; WIFI P2P; WLAN; Mobile Telephony


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