Enhanced Ant Colony Based Algorithm for Routing in Mobile Ad Hoc Network

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Ms. Sneha R. Kaware
Prof .K.G. Bagde


Mobile Ad hoc network consists of a set of mobile nodes. It is a dynamic network which does not have fixed topology. This network does
not have any infrastructure or central administration, hence it is called infrastructure-less network. The change in topology makes the route from
source to destination as dynamic fixed and changes with respect to time. The nature of network requires the algorithm to perform route discovery,
maintain route and detect failure along the path between two nodes [1]. This paper presents the ant colony optimization technique to improve the
performance of routing algorithm. ACO finds route between nodes in mobile ad-hoc network. The algorithm is on-demand source initiated routing
algorithm. ACO is a probabilistic technique for solving computational problems which can be reduced to finding good paths through graphs. This
algorithm is a member of ant colony algorithms family, in swarm intelligence methods, and it constitutes some metaheuristic optimizations. The
algorithm is adaptive, scalable and favors load balancing. The improvements suggested in this paper are handling of loss ants and resource

Keywords- ACO, Ad hoc networks, MANET, Swarm intelligence.



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