License Plate Recognition System

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Miss. Jayshri V. Choudhary
Mr. Amit M. sahu


The LPR system deals with matching a license plate image from a pool of available images. For this the image of the car with the
plate is taken. Then the license plate is extracted. This is followed by searching for the license plate in the database of images. An example of the
application of this project would be the toll gates, where the car needs to be registered to get inside. One way of checking for this is as follows.
The image of the car is taken and the license plate (extracted from the car image) is matched with the database. If there is a match then car is
allowed else it is stopped.The images stored in the database are images of the car with the plate at the time of registering. So any time the car
comes to the toll gate, its picture is taken. That is used to get the license plate and this plate image is matched with the database. The example
given above explains that the output of the project will not be an image as such but will only tell the user if the license plate is available in the
database. The problem is then divided into three stages:
1. License plate location and extraction.
2. Matching license plate with images in the database.


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