A Semi Automated Method for Identification of Arthritis Using Statistical Features

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Mr.M. Subramoniam
Dr.V. Rajini


Arthritis is a kind of disorder which takes occurs in bone joints. The cause for the disease is unknown. This disease cannot be cured,
but can be controlled if it gets diagnosed at the earlier stage. Radiography is the conventional method followed for analysing the erosions
caused by arthritis. However analysing such images depends on the knowledge of the radiographer who analyse the image. A computer aided
analysis can be an alternate approach to the problem. One such method has been discussed in this paper. This method use the features
extracted from the digital x-ray image of the joint under study using Local Binary Pattern(LBP) and classifying them through Bayes classifier.
The specificity and the sensitivity produced by the algorithm are satisfactory.


Keywords: Arthritis; Pattern recognition; Bayes classifier; Local Binary Pattern; Semi automated method


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