Secure Energy Aware Multi-hop Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

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V. Chandrasekaran
K.Lalitha, S.Anitha


In resource constraint Wireless Sensor Networks, reducing the energy consumption is a critical task. The objective of energy aware routing
protocol is to increase the operational lifetime of the wireless sensor networks. Multiple-path transmission is one of the methods for ensuring QoS
routing in both wired and wireless environment. Multi-hop routing protocols enhance the lifetime of the wireless sensor networks by distributing
traffic among multiple routes instead of a single optimal routing. Secured data transmission is also an important research issue in the wireless sensor
networks. In this paper, a Secure Energy Aware Multi-path and Multi-hop Routing Protocol (SEAMMRP) for wireless sensor networks is proposed.
The parameters considered along with routing are energy consumption, end-to-end delay, packet delivery ratio and thus improving the Quality of
Service (QoS). Digital Signature system is used for secure data transmission. This protocol is compared with the Ad hoc On-demand Multipath
Distance Vector (AOMDV) Routing protocol and EENDMRP protocol using Network Simulator(NS-2) and it shows better results in the parameters

Keywords: -Multi-path Routing, Multi-hop Routing Protocol, Digital Signature, AOMDV Protocol, Quality of Service


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