Attacks on Digital Watermarked Images in the Internet Environment and Their Counter Measures

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Tapas Bandyopadhyay
B Bandyopadhyay, B N Chatterji


Web application has made it faster and convenient to keep and transact important multimedia contents such as image through the
Internet. Digital watermarking to the images can secure the information to a great extend to establish the authenticity of the owner of the images
to protect copyright against unauthorized claiming of ownership of the image [1][2][5][6]. Digital watermarking on the image is an effective
technique for protection of ownership rights in the untrusted open internet environment. However, the success of a digital watermarking
technology depends heavily on its robustness to withstand attacks that are aimed at removing or destroying the watermark from its host data
(image artefact)[3]. This paper aims at to analyse a number of digital image watermark attacks that the watermarked image may face and attempt
has been made to classify them into different categories [7]. A set of experimental results are also provided to show the effect of these attacks on
watermarked images in the internet environment.

Keywords: Digital watermarking, authentication, PSNR, Correlation coefficient, finger print, attacks


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