J1 Accumulator-Based Processor for Educational Purposes

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Askari Yadollahpour Mansour
Ahmad Habibizad Navin, Amir Masoud Rahmani


Computer architecture courses are usually necessary in the first years of computer science and computer engineering degree, as learning
the computer architecture has influence on learning other computer concepts such as Operating system, compiler and so on. A simple computer with
complete instruction set can be used to enable the students to get required skills, so a simple 8-bit computer is designed to teach basic concepts and
principles of the computer. Having designed the stage, to show the correct functionality of the proposed processor, we modeled the processor with
Verilog HDL and simulated it with SynaptiCAD Verilogger Extreme software. We realized that by using the proposed processor in computer
architecture education, basic concepts are taught simply and quickly.


Keywords: computer architecture; CPU; educational; processors; accumulator-based; one address machine


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