Minutia based Verification Technique for Fingerprint – A Evaluation Text

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Shaleen Bhatnagar
Neha Jain, Ruchi Vyas


This paper presents a review on different approaches of Minutiae based verification techniques for fingerprint. In Minutiae
matching technique we have an input or a template fingerprint image, then minutiae are extracted first. After that by applying certain
techniques like using metric, minutiae extraction, edge enhancement, matching method based on partial fingerprints, using minutiae score
matching, minutiae-based template synthesis etc.As information technologies have advanced greatly in the last few decades, the security
problem within a network creates a major problem. For solving this, biometric identification techniques have been given considerable
attention. Fingerprint-related techniques, due to their desirable properties, e.g., universality, uniqueness, permanence, perpetuity,
collectability, performance, acceptability and particularity, are most widely applied and documented. A minutia matching is widely used for
fingerprint recognition and verification. By this review paper we want to compare between various techniques based on minutiae and
checks the effectiveness of accuracy fingerprint verification.


Keywords: Fingerprint verification, Minutiae based technique, correlation based technique. Minutiae extraction, minutiae score matching,
minutiae-based template synthesis.


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