Geo Location Big Data Based Collaborative Crowd Sourced Data Mining Architecture for Environmental Monitoring and Vegetation Management Systems

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Samrat P. Patel
Sumeet S. Deshmukh, Anil R Rajbhar


The proposed paper gives an Idea regarding the Geo Location based vegetation data storage repository for purpose of smart
environmental management. The proposed system overcomes the shortcomings in the current systems and software tools used for the said
purpose of environmental management and analysis [28]. The system proposed can function as a full fledge Environmental Management and
Audit System and abide by operating principles and rules of any traditional EMS i.e Plan-Do-Check-Act Cycle [8][14][15].
Our system is extension of the above mentioned concept and proposes a collaborative model for community based crowd sourced environmental
data storage and management with help of big data storage coupled with Data Mining & Analysis tools[28[29]. It is used along with highly
scalable database management and storage of historical and highly dynamic environmental monitoring data in order to tackle serious problems
related to the environment by studying data and the factors affecting the environment for that location .Effective management of the
environmental resources is possible by mapping of real time vegetation data and various other forms of environmental based data. this will help
the corporate ,government and the concerned authorities to take smart and informed decision also simultaneously educating the masses using
web as a medium of propagation of information and promoting a social sense of responsibility for every citizen to contribute for the betterment
of the environment of the city.

Keywords: Location Based ,Database ,Big Data Storage and Analysis, Environmental Management System Architecture, Data Mining, Data
Analysis, Geospatial, Crowd Sourced Monitoring Architecture, Remote Sensing, Sensor Networks ,Geo Information Systems, GPS, Vegetation
Database, Environmental Planning, Mobile Application, Smart Phone, Tablet


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