Privacy Preserving Keyword Search for Encrypted Cloud Storage Data

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Ms. Pooja D. Shah
Mr. Gopal Pandey


Cloud storage services allow the users to outsource their data in the Cloud Storage Servers and retrieve them whenever and
wherever required. This avoids the cost of building and maintaining their own data store. But the users need to provide privacy for the data
and also needs to be able to search it without losing privacy. The users always search their documents through keyword in plaintext, which
may leak privacy of users in Cloud Storage Environment. So allowing a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), whose purpose is mainly for
making a profit, to take the custody of sensitive data, raises underlying security and privacy issues. To keep user data confidential against
an untrusted CSP, a natural way is to apply cryptographic approaches, by disclosing the data decryption key only to authorized users. In
this paper we propose an efficient, secure and privacy preserving keyword search scheme which supports multiple users with low
computation cost and flexible key management and it is proved to be secure and flexible.

Keywords: Cloud Storage Services; Security; Searchable Encryption; Partial decipherment; Privacy Preserving.


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