Case Study of Virtualization in Existing System

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Lovely Soni
Suneet Chaudhary, Shailendra Singh Tanwar


In this communication we will present the application of Virtualization technologies in the following areas such as server
consolidation, secure computing platforms, supporting multiple operating systems, system migration, virtual local area network (VLAN)
resulting in widespread usage [4]. Virtualization to be the act of abstracting the physical boundaries of a technology [5]. Physical
abstraction is now occurring in several ways, with many of these methods including optimize security, flexibility, fault tolerance, power
efficiency, and performance. Virtual machines are separate entities from one another. Therefore if one of them fails, they are completely
isolated from all the other software on that physical machine, including other virtual machines. This greatly increases security, because
problems can be contained [9].

Keywords: Virtualization, Cloud computing, Ethernet, Remote desktop.


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