Protected Multi-tiered Sensor Network Uses Spatiotemporal Feature

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M. Adimoolam
K. Hemachandran, R. Prasanth, N. Prabavathi
Melbin T. Mathew


The reliance on sensor nodes for sending data to the master node raises serious concerns about both data confidentiality & authenticity in hostile environments. In particular an unauthenticated sensor node may exist in the network which leads to various attacks. We target a multi-tier sensor network with resource rich master node at the upper tier and authentication nodes at the middle tier. Master nodes collect data from the sensor nodes and response the queries from the network holder. The proposed scheme offers data confidentiality by providing authentication to sensor nodes which exists in the network (particularly in the cell). The keys which are used for authentication is remains valid only over a session time which makes the sensor network protected. The high efficiency of our approaches is defined by detailed performance evaluations.


Keywords: unauthenticated sensor node; authentication; master node; sensor node; queries; network owner


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