“Near Field Communication”- An Enhanced Approach Towards Contactless Services

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Piyush Suthar
Neha Pandya


This paper is based on research of current aspects of security in Near Field Communication. The Near Field Communication (NFC) mobile service, which leverages the current contactless infrastructures, has just started to emerge. In some countries, services benefiting from the convergence of contactless card technology and mobile phones have already been introduced commercially, and these services got somewhat acceptance also. NFC enables quick and secure functionality in numerous areas including mobile contactless payment, ticketing and data transfer. Smart phones are becoming omnipresent as their adoption increases due to the convergence of value-added services in them including Near Field Communication (NFC). Though NFC based services are not yet widely accepted, this paper provides the insights for the technology, challenges are reported and finally future directions are suggested for technology to breathe.

Keywords: Near field Communication (NFC); contactless; Security aspects; RFID; Universal Integrated Circuit Card (UICC)


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