FSM based protocol for wearable and implantable wireless sensors for healthcare

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Rashid Hussain
Dr. J.L. Sehgal


Due to increasing population, shortage of doctors and to lead a better quality of life it is necessary to design a healthcare application as early as possible. This paper proposed the design of finite state machine (FSM) based protocol model for wearable smart devices suitable for monitoring a patient heart based on heart sound. This work present the design, commands, fault tolerance capability, low cost and maintenance free protocol together with taking the advantage of wireless sensor networks (WSNs) which provides environment sensing and data processing capabilities at low cost. FSM is designed in such a way that the system could react to adverse condition and take action (example alert/send SMS to doctor in possibility of stroke). FSM can have a fault tolerance method by moving to an "Oblivion" state and start a new session from "Initial" state instead of blocking due to any undefined event. FSM can also be modified based on future requirement.

Keywords— Wireless sensor network, Finite state machine, healthcare


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