Bluetooth Broadcasting: An Information Dissemination System

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Bhushan G. Emekar
Sourabh S. Kulkarni


A PC application for cost efficient transmission of information via Bluetooth to handheld mobile devices (smart-phone, tablet, etc) is proposed. In the wide spread area, where the information dissemination plays a vital role and the data content of information changes periodically, the conventional ways of information display becomes costly and tedious. Our application can be used to effectively broadcast the information for a personal/moderate area. It communicates with the personal handheld devices in its surrounding using Bluetooth network and sends appropriate information. The application compresses information in a suitable format, which makes it quick and easy to transmit. The range of operation can be altered with the help of PICONET or SCATTER-NET, pooling many transceivers together. In this way we can overcome the conventional way (sticking posters, banners and pamphlets) using an ecological, free of cost personal area Bluetooth network.


Keywords: Bluetooth, Java, J2ME, Mobile Devices, Windows/Linux, Information Dissemination, BlueCove


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