Applying ReTesting Analysis Techniques:A Case Study For A Modified Systems

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Dr. G. Mahadevan
Badri H.S


Software architectures are becoming very important to the development of quality systems. When developing dependable systems, it is very important to evaluate and confirm system dependability. Testing is one of the main approach for evaluating system dependability. Previous work on software architecture –based testing has shown it is possible to apply conformance testing techniques to yield, some confidence on the implemented system conformance to expected, architecture-level, behaviours. This work explores how regression testing can be applied systematically at the architecture level in order to reduce the cost of retesting modified systems , and also assess the regression testability of the evolved system, assessing both slightly modified implementation conforms to the initial architecture, and whether the implementation continues to conform to an evolved architecture.


Keywords: Software architecture, System Dependability, Regression Testing, Reliability, Architecture –based testing


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