Load Balancing Techniques for Web Proxy Cache Clusters

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Najat O. Alsaiari
Ayman G. Fayoumi


Web caching is a crucial technology in Internet because it represents an effective means for reducing bandwidth demands, improving Web server availability and reducing network latencies. Web cache cluster which is a potent solution to enhance Web cache system’s capability still have limited capacity and cannot handle tremendously high workload. How to maximize resource utilization and system capability is an all important problem in Web cache cluster and load balancing is an effective method to solve this problem. The aim of this paper is to present performance analysis of various loading balance techniques used in traditional Web cache proxy systems based on identified qualitative parameters, considering two typical load balancing techniques static and dynamic. The analysis indicates that i) static and dynamic both types of algorithm can have advancements as well as weaknesses over each other, ii) dynamic algorithms are always considered better than static algorithms due to the frequent load state of cache cluster and iii) both types of algorithm have a common issue related to resource utilization i.e. existing load balanced Web proxy systems are lack of flexibility in resource provision.

Keywords: Proxy Cluster, Loading Balance, Web Caching, Resource Utilization.


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