A Novel Architecture of Heterogeneity based Dynamic Load Balancing for DHT Based P2P System

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M. Buvana
K. Muthumayil


Distributed Dynamic load balancing (DDLB) is an important system function destined to distribute workload among available processors to improve throughput and / or execution times of parallel computer . Instead of balancing the load in cluster by process migration or by moving an entire process to a less loaded computer, we make an attempt to balance load by splitting processes into separate jobs and then balance them to nodes. Many solutions have been proposed to tackle the load balancing issue in DHT-based P2P systems. However, all these solutions either ignore the heterogeneity nature of the system, or reassign loads among nodes without considering heterogeneity relationships, or both. In this paper, we present an efficient, Heterogeneity-aware load balancing scheme by using the concept of virtual servers. Proximity information is used to guide virtual server reassignments such that virtual servers are reassigned and transferred between physically close heavily loaded nodes and lightly loaded nodes, thereby minimizing the load movement cost and allowing load balancing to perform efficiently


Keywords: Dynamic load balancing, Heterogeneity-aware, load balancing, peer-to-peer, virtual server


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