Data Hiding in Video using Least Bit Technique

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Anupama. H.S
Naveen M S, Prasun Kumar, Cauvery.N.K
Ravi Kallappa, Vivek Kumar


Computer technology and the Internet have made a breakthrough in the existence of data communication. This has opened a whole new way of implementing steganography to ensure secure data transfer. Steganography is the fine art of hiding the information. Hiding the message in the carrier file enables the deniability of the existence of any message at all. This paper designs a stego machine to develop a steganographic application to hide data containing text in a computer video file and to retrieve the hidden information. This can be designed by embedding text file in a video file in such a way that the video does not lose its functionality using Least Significant Bit (LSB) modification method. This method applies imperceptible modifications. This proposed method strives for high security to an eavesdropper’s inability to detect hidden information.


Keywords: Data Hiding, LSB, Video Steganography


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