Possibilities Of Android Phone Based Cyber Crimes Due To Security Permissions – A Critical Study

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Mr. Parag H. Rughani
Dr. H N Pandya


With the official launch of Android, Google has reached to the hands of mobile users. As per the survey android occupies around half of the mobile market share. This clearly indicates dominance of android phones. As android phone has many advanced features, it has many vulnerabilities and issues that can compromise end-users’ privacy. This paper concentrates on those vulnerabilities and privacy related issues. The paper includes discussion about android permissions and possible threats including cyber crimes. We have also explained how it can permissions can be easily mis used in applications for hacking user's data and resources. The practical implementation explains the experiment in detail. Certain possible solutions are also listed which can help in improving safety of android phone users.


Keywords: Android, Cyber Security, Privacy, Confidentiality, Cyber Crime, Permissions, IPhone, Java ME, Android Market, Android Applications, Data Theft, Threat, Risk, Personal Information, Resources, Security


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