A Comparative Study of Simulation tools for implementing and improving energy efficiency of a Wireless Sensor Node

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R.K. Nadesh
Varsha Singh, Apoorva Kishore Malewar


Wireless Sensor Networks is a novel field in the realm of research. These networks contain small battery driven nodes that are used to survey a physical area without constant human supervision. These nodes gather information regarding the physical environment, process it and send it back to the parent base station. Various simulation tools can be used to test algorithms and compare results rather than testing them as a real time experiment which is costlier and more time consuming. This paper contains a study of the various tools available which can be used to simulate WSN such as NS2, Omnet++ etc.


Keywords: Avrora, NS2, J-Sim, Omnet++, OPNET Modeler, TOSSIM, Wireless Sensor Networks.


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