A Survey Paper :Segmentation Process of Iris Recognition

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Mamta Joshi
Sneha Sahare


The Iris Recognition System is very interesting and today it is widely used for the security point of view. Iris recognition gives accurate results. It never takes false value, so it is really very good for security purpose. Iris recognition is amongst the most robust and accurate biometric technologies available in the market today with existing large scale applications supporting databases in excess of millions of people. Daugman is the first one to give an algorithm for iris recognition. . The algorithm was based on Iris Codes. Integro-differential operators are then used to detect the centre and diameter of the iris, then the pupil is also detected using the differential operators, for conversion from Cartesian to polar transform, rectangular representation of the required area is made. Wildes proposed iris recognition based on texture analysis. High quality iris images was captured using silicon intensified target camera coupled with a standard frame grabber and resolution of 512x480 pixels.

Keywords: Iris recognition, Integro-differential, Grabber, Iris Codes, Grabber.


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