Smart Health Care Proctoring : Software-as-a-Service for medical centers to mointor patient health status and prescribe drugs from smart devices at any time & location

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Sneha baby Thomas
Merris mary chacko,Meena Jose, R.K.Nadesh


In the modern epoch wireless sensor network forms a discernible part. A wearable device for proctoring health may ordinarily include multifarious wires, and all those wires will be incorporated into a centralized network. This network coordinates all the activities occurred with the device. Huge outlay of equipments, encroaching, and practical hassle caused for the patient, unavailability of on-time updates, lacking the continuity etc are matters arising within these, wireless sensor network can form a promising part over here. It is beneficial such that apart from high cost wires intelligent sensors are available in low cost, less weight, and can provide on-time updates. We intent to present the architecture of wireless sensor network for a person to have a continuous proctoring of his/her health status. The system consists of multiple sensor node placed in the body which forms a body area network. It is capable of monitoring body motion, heart activity, environmental conditions etc. Advanced Bluetooth technology transfers data from those sensors. It also discusses deployment of the result to the medical server and further treatments. In this paper, we present only the application developed to handle the data generated by the sensor which helps the doctors and patient to understand the health condition and prescribe drugs on emergency need.


Keywords: Wireless sensor network, Wearable sensors, Patient monitoring, Drugs therapy, Bluetooth.


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