Implementation of rebisr Scheme for Rams Using Spare Elements

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Shweta Meena
K.Sandeep Kumar


Key components of SOCs are memories which come with different sizes and functionality. Memories usually constitute a major portion of the chip area. By improving the yield of RAM improves the yield of chip. Diagnostics for yield improvement of the memories thus is a very important issue. This paper presents a Built-in Self Repair scheme to repair the memories. A comparison of ReBISR with Dedicated BISR is done. The proposed BISR scheme has three phases. In the first phase BIST is used to detect the faulty location in the memory. Repair information is provided in the second phase using BIRA circuitry. Finally, in the third phase the actual repair process is carried out using BISR circuitry. Experimental results show that the proposed BISR algorithm achieves optimal repair rate and low area cost as compared to the Dedicated BISR scheme.


Keywords: MBIST- Memory built-in self test, BIRA- Built- in redundancy analysis, Marching1/ 0 algorithm, BISR- Built-in self repair.


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