Data Validation System For A Relational Database

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Kabari, Ledisi Giok
BAAH, Barida


One of the most neglected areas in systems implementation is data validation. Most application systems fail to achieve its set goals because there is no adequate and efficient data validation system to filter out input data that is not correct. Improper input data is responsible for a large number of system failures; and such failures could have been avoided or reduced if proper input data had been fed into the system. In this paper we focused on enhancing and elaborating on existing data validation methods like limits checks, character checks, range checks, presence checks, consistency checks, format or picture checks and data type checks, to improve the performance of our application systems. We also develop a sample program that integrates these validation techniques. A report was finally generated based on validated customer records created for Fractal Construction Nigeria Limited. The system was developed using PHP, MYSQL and XAMPP web server.

Keywords: Data validation, database, data base management system, database specification, relational model, normalization


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