Image Processing Based Automated Border Surveillance

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Ankur Srivastava
Akhilesh Tripathi, Chetan Swaroop Sharma


In this paper, the design of an automated border surveillance system is presented. The system consists of two robots and the associated hardware. The system detects an intrusion by an enemy, in turn eliminates the intruder and also sounds an alarm. When there is no intrusion, the robots patrol in their region. The hardware part includes a webcam (for image acquisition), a computer system running MATLAB (for image processing), a central control unit (consisting of ATMEGA16 microcontroller, RF modules and their associated circuitry), and the two robots. The prototype has been prepared and tested in real time. It is working as proposed by the objective of the paper.


Keywords: Webcam, MATLAB, ATMEGA16 microcontroller, RF modules.


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