Creation of Gene Database and Implementation of Transaction Processing

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Muhammad Rukunuddin
Ghalib and Kauser Ahmed P, Jaigam Dilshad


A rich set of concepts and techniques has been used in the context of gene database creation and transaction processing along with
performance and tuning for the efficient and robust execution of queries. So far, this work has mostly focused on issues related to data-retrieval
queries. However, update operations can also exhibit a number of query processing issues, depending on the complexity of the operations and the
volume of data to process. Such issues include lookup and matching of values, navigational vs. set-oriented algorithms and trade-offs between plans
that do serial or random I/Os .In this paper we present an overview of the basic techniques used to support SQL DML (Data Manipulation
Language) in ORACLE database 10g. Our focus is on the collection of gene information and implementation of some concepts of transaction
operations and performance and tuning operation into the gene database and cancer database. Although atomicity is a well studied topic in transaction
processing and business workflows, such an important capability needs to be revisited in a scientific workflow environment. Atomicity needs to be
defined in dataflow-oriented scientific workflow model. The basic principles of all transaction-processing systems are the same. However, the
terminology may vary from one transaction-processing system to another.


Keywords: GeneBank, SQL DML, DB Transaction Management, Tuning.


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