Algorithms for Preparing Queries in Fuzzy Object-Oriented Database

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DatabaseMaryam kavoosi Balootaki
Mashaala Abasi Dezfuli,Ali Haroonabadi, Hassan Kavoosi Balootaki


In this paper we offer an approach for making queries from a fuzzy object-oriented database in the case that user adds some combined limitations (AND, OR) and assigns weights to them with respect to their importance and expects to obtain ideal answers. Then, using the proposed method the obtained results will be sorted in terms of their degree of dependency on the obtained answer set. Moreover, we suggest an approach enabling us to guarantee that each query will result in an answer even in the case that there is no element meeting all user defined limitations. This would be a beneficial approach in the case that it is impossible to meet all limitations and user expects a guaranteed answer. Implementing this approach will result in flexible queries and causes queries as well as databases to get closer to the real world. In this way, users will have easy interactions with database and the database will have better efficiency in response to fuzzy complex and combined queries.Implementation of this case study reveals that compared with crisp method the proposed approach results in more answers which are closer to real cases.


Keywords: object oriented database, fuzzy queries, AND, OR.


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