Electronic Security Issues: Protecting our Electronic Life from Social Engineering Attacks

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Ugochukwu Onwudebelu
Jackson Akpojaro


The essential need for security is apparent to organizations, government and individuals. Whether it is to secure a company’s assets, abide by a law, or guard an individual’s privacy, it has become evident that all are vulnerable to one form of electronic attack or another and that in order to protect sensitive information, all possible security precautions must be taken to limit any form of authorized access to electronic records or computer-related equipment. In this security-conscious era, we spend huge sums on technology to protect our computer networks and data. As IT security spending has increased so also has the number of successful attacks. This paper has been developed to highlight the fact that we all have an ‘electronic life’ which is been hunted by social engineers, and provides a solution on how this life can be protected. The purpose is to provide organizations and individual a simple solution for increasing security awareness against social engineering attacks towards their critical information.


Keywords: Social Engineering, Electronic Life, Human Factor, Hacking, Information Security, Security Policy, Identity Theft


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