Framework for Adaptive Business Intelligence System to Enhance National Economy

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Mohamed M. Reda Ali
Dr.Ayman E. Khedr


The framework for adaptive business intelligence system based on multi criteria business intelligence approach is used to enhance the BIA by applying Multi-Criteria Decision Making (MCDM) technique. The major contribution for MCBI approach is improved business decisions and Business Intelligence Decision Support System (BIDSS) for BIA. MCBI approach presents a methodology to evaluate and select business decisions according to the architecture MCBI framework. This methodology is based on the quantitative and qualitative methodologies to produce recommended decisions. The recommended business decisions are the appropriate and optimal decisions to be implemented. MCBI system consists of five major components: the first component determines business objectives, problem definition and main goals by business owners and BI system stakeholders; the second component collects business data and treatments heterogeneous data, the third component builds unified business databases to perform analytical and mining processing for business data through Business Intelligence Processing Unit (BIPU) in fourth component, finally, the fifth component evaluates the business decisions to select the appropriate and optimal solutions to be implemented. MCBI system aims to manage national economy and make better decisions by using national dashboards in different local resources.


Keywords: Multi Criteria Business Intelligence (MCBI), Business Intelligence Applications (BIA), Multi Criteria Decision Making (MCDM), Business Intelligence Decision Support System (BIDSS), Management Information Systems (MIS).


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