Fuzzy classification model assisted by intensity based approach and segmentation for breast cancer detection and diagnosis

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M. A Saleem Durai
N.Ch.Sriman.Narayana.Iyengar, A.Kannan


In this paper we propose a method for detection, diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer based on Image processing. Mammograms
play a vital role in diagnoses of breast cancer so an intelligent method is needed to differentiate the benign and malignant case of breast cancer
from a mammogram. In this work we use an intensity based approach to find whether a mammogram is affected or not using MATLAB.
Segmentation is performed to achieve better accuracy, the idea is to partition an image in to smaller images and apply the test condition for each
segments. Finally we design a fuzzy classification model to classify the mammogram and to indicate the stage of breast cancer and the
appropriate treatment for it


Keywords: Fuzzy classification, Intensity based approach, Segmentation, Mammograms, Breast Cancer.


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