Towards Individuals and Universal Verification of On Line Election System

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Vinod. M. Patil


Formation of a democratic government depends upon the faith on an election system that conducted by election authority play an important role. Inorder to increase the faith on government the verification of election process are the essential part of the system. When the voters casted their votes have been recorded correctly as per their intention and accounted in the final tally and there should be reliable and demonstrably authentic election records. To prove this process the verification are essential part. Verification process include to verity the transaction in full confidence at any time or at the time of voting. A receipt of our transaction is required that provides full confidence, at the time of voting, that our choice were accurately recorded. Election authority must provide a record that voters vote are recorded as per intention. Voters can be sure that their votes are tabulated correctly, but voters are not required to verify their votes, in order to ensure election integrity. It is the provability that the final tally is correct.


Keywords: Private keys, Public keys, Individual and universal verifiability


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