Web Based Land Information System of Tuticorin(LIST), Tamilnadu, India.

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John Prince Soundranayagam
Sivasubramanian P.,Chandrasekar N., Divya C.


The increasing popularity of the internet from online surfing to e-commerce to interactive chatting has made the internet an integral
part of our society. The nearly ubiquitous access to the internet and interactive content of the WorldWide Web(WWW) have made them a powerful
means for people to access, exchange and process information. Internet GIS is a research and application area that utilizes the internet and
other internetworking systems to facilitate the access, processing and dissemination of geographic information and spatial analysis knowledge.
This paper examine the Web based land information of system of Tuticorin (LIST) using the state of art Web GIS software ArcIMS. LIST is
designed specifically to create, visualize, analyze report and publish land-based data such as Geology, Geomorphology, Soil, land use and land
cover and Road network of Tuticorin. The land information should lead to better decisions about the use of land and better management of resources


Keywords: web GIS, ArcIMS, Land information system, Tuticorin, remote sensing, client/server


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