Analysis of Object Picking Algorithms in Non Immersive Virtual Environment

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K. Merriliance
Dr M.Mohamed Sathik


A defining feature of virtual reality is the ability to manipulate virtual objects interactively, rather than simply viewing a passive
environment. ‘Picking’ is an important interaction technique in graphics applications. Object picking is typically performed by bounding box
checks or collision detection, taking the position of a virtual hand and the objects in account. We present an adaptation of object picking
algorithm in virtual environments using shapes. Such picking algorithms have been widely used for selecting objects under a 2D mouse cursor.
In this paper, we propose and analyze a method of various object picking algorithms in non immersive virtual environment and the discussion of
comparing these algorithms and provide the usability and a picking mechanism is essential for any direct-manipulation application. A user study
of these was performed which revealed their characteristics and deficiencies, and led to the development of a new class of techniques. These
analytical studies provide distinct advantages in terms of ease of use and efficiency because they consider the tasks of object picking effective
application-independent picking algorithm for various input devices. The key idea is to represent the signature of an object as a shape
distribution sampled from a shape function measuring global geometric properties of an object.


Keywords: Virtual Environment, object picking, Pick ray, positioning, pointing.


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