Output Regulation of the Cai Chaotic System

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Dr. V. Sundarapandian


In this paper, we solve the problem of regulating the output of the Cai chaotic system (2007), which is one of the recently discovered
three-dimensional chaotic attractors. Cai chaotic system has many interesting complex dynamical behaviours and it has potential applications in
secure communication. In this paper, we construct explicit state feedback control laws to regulate the output of the Cai chaotic system so as to
track constant reference signals. The control laws are derived using the regulator equations of Byrnes and Isidori (1990), who have solved the
output regulation of nonlinear systems involving neutrally stable exosystem dynamics. We also discuss the simulation results in detail.


Keywords: Nonlinear Control Systems, Feedback Stabilization, Output Regulation, Chaos, Cai System.


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