Applying Geospatial Information and Communication Technology (GeoICT) System: research on Locations of Federal Universities in Nigeria

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Emeka Ogbuju
Dr. Kenneth Agbasi,Okeke Ugo Henry, Dr. Virginia Ejiofor


There is need for a comprehensive system with visual representation that would identify and show the absolute locations of Federal Universities in Nigeria. This will create solutions in admissions prospecting by candidates and decision making by the government agencies for education management in Nigeria. Leveraging the roles of Geospatial Information and Communication Technology (GeoICT) in applied computing can be of great benefit. In this research, a broad study of GIS is made as it relates to the building of a geodatabase system that would show the absolute longitudinal and latitudinal locations of the Federal Universities in Nigeria and enable users appreciate any institution of choice. The techniques used are Structured System Analysis and Design Methodology (SSADM) from which a blend of seven (7) programming tools is employed to implement the system. The achieved result is that a functional Geospatial Information and Communication Technology system that mapped Federal Universities in Nigeria has been developed.


Keywords: GeoICT; GIS; Federal Universities; SSADM; GPS; ARCGIS; Geodatabase


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