The Application of Wireless Sensor Network in Ground Water Table Monitoring in the Placer Mineral Mining Areas

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C. Divya
Y.Srinivas, N. Chandrasekar


Ground Water resources are the principal source of drinking water. Ground water is under increasing stress due to rapid urbanization
and industrialization. Beach placer mining is intensive in the coastal stretches and deltaic plain of Tamil Nadu. The water table is highly
fluctuating in the indiscriminate mining area. Ground water researchers to have quite access to the ground water data with less effort and cost.
We used multisensory system to monitor the ground water table based on wireless network and calibrated remotely. Wireless sensor network is a
promising technology in advanced earth science research. The present study is focused to develop research activity in designing and developing
wireless sensor networks for environmental monitoring in the mining area.


Key words: Sensor network, water level logger, beach placer mining, ground water table level.


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