A Proactive QoS Routing Protocol for wireless Ad Hoc Networks

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Mrs Vandana khare
Dr. Y. Madhavee Latha


wireless ad-hoc network in case of Multimedia communication retaining demanding quality of services and multimedia applications.
These nodes are needded to be synchronization properly for efficient data transmission. Our proposed work focused on QoS routing based
proactive rating protocol that deals high rate multimedia services with proper synchronization delay and convergence time measurement. It
establish a path in the network that meets QoS requirement by considering the power condition prior to the determination path, delay &
convergence time measurements. Simulation results shows that with the propose Proactive or NFPQR protocol provide an efficient
synchronization, power & end to end delay along with B.W improvements.


Keywords: QoS routing, NFPQR, delay, convergence time.


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