Integrated Model-based Test Case Generation

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Yujian Fu
Shal Li,Sudip Bhattacharjee, Zhijiang Dong


Model-based test case generation provides a solid foundation for the software quality assurance and gains more and more attention to
the industries. It is important to perform software testing as early as possible to detect faults, reduce software development time and cost. Many
researchers have considered using UML diagrams to generate test cases. Few work on the test case generation using combination of sequence
diagram and statechart diagrams is reported in literatures. In this paper, we present an integrated approach to generating test cases from sequence
diagrams using UML2.x syntax. The approach combines UML2 sequence diagrams and statecharts hierarchically and generate test paths based
on message flow graph. We also define various coverage criteria to generate test paths. We have applied it to a case study to investigate its fault
detection capability. The results show that the proposed approach effectively detects all the seeded faults when complying with the most
demanding adequacy criterion and still achieves reasonably good results for less expensive adequacy criteria. As a result, this work provides a
solid foundation for further research on automatic test case generation, coverage criteria analysis of sequence diagram based object oriented


Keywords: model-base testing; sequence diagram; statechart diagram; test case; test criteria


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