Data Mining And Its Significance In Industrial Applications

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Prasanna Kumara
Alok Ranjan


Data Mining is the process of analyzing the data from different perspective and summarizing it into meaningful information. In fact, Data Mining is a technique involving non-trivial extraction of novel, implicit, and actionable knowledge from a huge sets of data, and is an emerging technology in the recent era, with the increased use of databases to store and retrieve information efficiently. This is also termed as ‘Knowledge Discovery in Database’, which enables the data exploration, data analysis, and data visualization of huge database at a high level of abstraction. These techniques are used to predict future trends and behaviors, thus allowing the business to make proactive and knowledge driven decisions. This paper focus on the Data Mining techniques, its architecture, its process, methodologies employed, kinds of data mined, functionalities, general and technical issues, its significance and application areas in relevance to today’s business environment, and the scope for research in the related areas.


Keywords: Database, Data Mining, Data Warehouse, KDD, Recent techniques


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