Extraction of object from the video

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Dr. M. Mohamed Sathik
Ms. M. Parveen, Ms. P. Peer Fatima


In this modern computer world, mining plays an important role to extract the required information from the information galaxy. The
information galaxy is termed as Data Warehousing. Not only data, but also there are more fields which has huge amount of information in the
galaxy, and cant be retrieved form it. For these cases, we need the mining techniques.
Multimedia mining is one of the advanced mining technique. In Multimedia mining, Video Segmentation is one of the challenging area. The
segmentation of video object from the video is termed as Video Mining. It deals with the extracting the role of the object of interest. There
exists lot of papers which deals with video mining. But they contains more critical issues to do this mining. In the playing video, extracting the
object of interest is a tedious process. So they cant satisfy the user requirements.
Concentrating on these problems and to do the video mining efficiently, we propose a new method in this paper. The new techniques adopted in
this paper can able to capture / extract the object’s role from the whole video content while it is playing. This becomes possible by providing the
input as object of interest. The new technique is to search the role of the input object and capture it from the playing video. This technique
makes this video mining process easy and it is effectively presented in this article.


Keywords: Data Warehouse, Information Galaxy, Multimedia Mining, Object of Interest, Playing Video, Video Mining, Video Segmentation.


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