Paving the Way for the Successful Development of Mobile Phone Games using Java ME

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Sameerchand Pudaruth
Rudy Khoobeelass


The aim of this paper was to develop an Action Adventure Game with AI (Computer Operated Player) for mobile devices. It is a 2D
top view single player game where the main character has to roam around and complete the objectives of the game. The main objectives are to
find a weapon to be able to attack, collect the different artifacts scattered across the map, kill the computer operated players, and most of all stay
alive until all has been completed. The game features four directional movements of computer/human players, an attack mechanism, a method of
collecting artifacts, score and health counters, and independent interactivity of the computer player. The goal is to provide entertainment on
mobile devices which have become important tool in today’s society. Almost every adult and many children own a mobile device and most of
them are equipped with the Java ME environment. The game was achieved using Java ME IDE applications such as Net Beans, Eclipse Mobile
Tools for Java and the Java ME Wireless Toolkit. Texture and sprites were created and modified using Adobe Photoshop CS2. An incremental
software process model was used to develop the game and all the game specifications have been successfully met. However on a higher level,
the game could have been taken further to a multiplayer level via the Bluetooth technology. It could also have been created using the new 3D
Graphics API for mobile devices. This paper will help game developers to have a solid foundation in Java ME so that they can develop exciting
and innovative games using the currently available technologies.


Keywords: games; mobile phones; Java ME; Artificial Intelligence; 2D graphics


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