Snort, BRO, NetSTAT, Emerald and SAX2 : A Comparison

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Suchita Patil
Pallavi S.Kulkarni,Pradnya B. Rane, Dr.B.B.Meshram


Intrusion detection is an important component in network security. Many current Intrusion Detection Systems are designed on rule-based, which have a limitation of identifying the unknown attacks. Some IDS are designed on anomaly based detection technique which have advantage of identifying known and unknown attacks. It has a disadvantage of learning and training the data set to identify the good and bad data. Some IDS are designed on both signature based and anomaly based detection techniques. That are also referred to as hybrid IDS systems. There are many IDS available in which some IDS are open source IDS and some IDS are commercial products used in enterprise network. This paper gives the detailed comparative study of open source software SNORT, BRO, Net STAT also covers the commercial products like NFR, Emerald which is used as research tool and SAX2.

Keywords: signature based system, anomaly detection system, Intrusion Detection system


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