A Distributed System for a Multi-Agent Systems Building

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R. El Bejjet
H. Medromi


This project aims to define and implement an evolutionary and generic platform for multi agents systems (MAS) simulation by an
agent-based approach. This paper describes an architecture designed and developed in this area. Its principle consists of dividing and modelling a
multi agent system to as many agents as necessary, an organisation and an environment. A designer or a programmer builds its application by
making a choice of the necessary agents, by coding their processing around a processing model and by associating them around integration
architecture, and then by coding non generic agents. This on-agent based approach, designed around a core to which we can add and develop
thematic software layers, enhance the modularity and the genericity of developments allowing their reuse in future developments. This
characteristic distinguishes our platform from other existing environments for being not only independent from any other particular multi-agents
model but it provides a generic models’ library as well.

Keywords : Multi agents systems, simulation, distributed intelligent platform, integration architecture.


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