Genetic Algorithm based Network Intrusion Detection System

Nitin Gupta, Nitin Pareek, Kavita Pandey


The traditional prevention techniques such as user authentication, data encryption and firewalls are used as the first line of defence for computer security. If a password is weak and compromised, user authentication cannot prevent unauthorized use of system. So we developed a network intrusion detection system, it would be mainly focused on denial of service attacks. Genetic Algorithm would be used to identify the network intrusions. The most important idea that stands beyond the initial creation of GAs is the aim of developing a system as robust and as adaptable to the environment as the natural systems. For fitness criteria, probabilistic approach is used to calculate the optimality of the proposed new attack pattern.

Keywords- Genetic Algorithm, Probabilistic fitness Criteria, intrusion detection, Smurf, Neptune, Ping of Death, Back attack.

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