Auv Design: Intelligent Vehicle Using Sensor Fusion Control Scheme

Irshad Ahmad Ansari, Sachin Sharma , Gaurav Kumar


In recent past, large physical changes has been observed on earth and sea due to the drastic change in the global environmental conditions. These changes has increased the sea water level and created the alarming conditions for the humans living near the coastal areas. The underwater robot can solve such challenges (Underwater) precisely and accurately without intervene of human operator. Such vehicles are performing a variety of tasks [1] in subsea, predominantly in the offshore oil and gas industry, civil engineering and marine sciences etc. Apart from these developments, under water remote-sensing, navigation, image processing has also seen a large growth in terms of software‟s and processing power. Many ROV are suffering from large power backup, accurate object/target identification etc due to the failure of sensory information. A new underwater autonomous system with suitable mechanical constraints, kinematic constraints has been designed. The designed ROV can take decisions under water using artificial intelligence (particularly using Sensor Fusion). The designed schematics with various components along with simulation results of object identification are hereby tried to be concluded.


Keywords: Sensor fusion, underwater robot, ROV, artificial intelligence

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